Scott Hardy's


Due to age of the bridge, the Town of Hope decided it was time for a new bridge and that's when all efforts went in to try and save it. Countless fans and even Sylvester Stallone was rumored to want it for his Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. On Sunday, July 10 / 2011, Hope had an amazing going away ceremony that included the likes of Stephen Chang, the Vietcong Officer who cut Rambo's Chest in the flashback scene and local celeb Mark Madryga.

The famous Rambo Bridge in its glory

On the morning of Friday, December 4 / 1981, Sylvester Stallone walked across this bridge in one of the most iconic scenes filmed in the entire series. Even Brian Dennehy mentioned in an interview that he was a little concerned with Sly's intensity during filming of this scene.


This location is on route along the Kawkawa Lake road on the way to the Othello Tunnels. Look to the left when crossing the new bridge on the way out of town.

Then & Now

A dedication to the iconic bridge

The Rambo Bridge