Another view of Rambo jumping the tracks on Third Avenue

Here's the shot of Rambo jumping the railroad tracks... If you look real close in the movie still you can see the ramp used so the Police car and Motorcycle could clear the tracks

Rambo is about to jump the railroad tracks as he travels down 3rd Avenue towards Old Hope Princeton Way

Rambo passes through the Chevron station which heads south on the Trans-Canada Highway

Rambo crosses Hudsons Bay Street heading south west to cut through the hotel parking lot

Teasle heads south on Fraser Avenue after turning off of Wallace

While Rambo prepares to take the motorcycle you can see where the Police Station used to be on the corner of 3rd ave andWallace

Rambo traveling down the north side of Wallace along the sidewalk

Rambo takes off west on Wallace street after stealing the motorcycle 

After escaping from the police station Rambo jumps the police car and runs on to Wallace

Teasle starts his day as he backs on to Wallace Street 

This shot was taken on Flood Hope Road just prior to the Trans Canada Hwy exit 173. When your turning left to go into hope, take a quick look to your right and you'll see where Rambo begins his journey into Hope.

Trans-Canada Hwy / Water Ave is the place were Rambo and Teasle meet for the first time 

This is were we see Rambo enter the town of Hope for the first time. The large sign above Sly is now sitting on the lawn in front of the old train station in Hope. It was removed during the construction of the Coquihalla Highway in 1985. This is located as soon as you come off the number one highway at exit 173 and turn left.  


Legendary stuntman Bennie E Dobbins unfortunately broke his back on this stunt as his car caught too much air and travelled higher and farther than expected. He had an amazing career and passed away in 1988 at the young age of 55

Scott Hardy's


The famous "H" Tree in Hope where Rambo and Teasle race around. Note: The Train Station in the background was relocated to the corner of Old Hope Princeton way and Water Ave for Expo 86 

Rambo arrives in Hope