Crews setting up for the Golden Ears shot behind Sly

Getting ready for a scene

Sly getting ready for one of the Army Truck scenes filmed on Eugen's property

Movie crew arriving on scene

Sly with Marilyn

Behind the scenes pictures taken from Eugen's private collection

A great view the Golden Ears in the background and the cabin behind Sly was long gone

Here's a shot from the same direction in the still but half way up the field due to the amount of growth at the time. It has since been cleared and dug up for the new development.

The main cabin was long gone but the tree still stood until the property was redeveloped in 2015

Here's a shot of the field that Sly walked down with only one of the structures still standing from the day. This cabin was used for storage with a carport to the left. 

When I found this location a number of years back the cabin on the left was demolished but had a lot of debris left over. The road Sly walked down had now become a trail.

This was one of the most sought after scenes besides the Junkyard which you can read about in that section. This was basically a joint effort of the United Nations. It all started out with Simon Birmingham from the UK, Oliver Wegner from Germany, Herve Attia from the USA and yours truly from Canada.  After a joint effort of triangulating the local mountain ranges, Herve Attia came out to film his "On the set of First Blood" series for youtube. He only missed it by about 2 kilometers and that's where I came in and started this whole adventure.

My father and I were able to pinpoint the area by water and the rest was history or so I thought. After Herve and I filmed the missing location one of my co-workers overheard me talking about First Blood and told me he knew the owner at the time of filming...

All I can say is a huge thank you to Dave Mackay and Eugen Bosshart. Eugen was kind enough to invite me to his home and share stories and pictures of his time with the filming crews during the movie shoot. It started out with one of his friends advising the First Blood location scouts that his property would be perfect for what they were looking for. They were scouting around the Burke Mountain area where a good portion of the film was filmed when they drove down the 2 kilometer road down to Eugene's cabin. Originally the crews wanted to shoot the interior of the cabin and set Eugen and his family up in a hotel for the three day shoot. It was decided at the last minute it wouldn't be necessary and Eugen was able to stick around while they filmed.

The Opening Scene, Army Truck scenes when Rambo Jumps on the truck and the gate Teasel crashes through on to Quarry Road were all filmed on Eugene's property.

Please note that this filming location is on Private Property, was recently bought for $675,000 and is being developed.  Please only look from the water provided you have a boat or just enjoy the pictures.

Thanks again Eugen!

Eugen's homestead back in the day

Crews filming the scene with Delmar's widow

Cinematographer Andy Laszlo setting up

Eugen told me he noticed Sly taking a moment and took this amazing shot

The Opening Scene is being redeveloped

*** This is now Private Property***

Having some make up applied before one of the Army Truck scenes


*** This is private property and for information only ***

Side view of Sly walking down the field

Sly making his way down the road with Andy Laszlo looking on

Taking a break with the crew

The Opening Scene after it was found 27 Years later

Walking back up the field with Delmar's widow looking on

Scott Hardy's