Scott Hardy's

This is on the service road just beyond the large drain pipe in the picture above

***This is on private property***

This is a real easy location to get to and is only a 20 minute hike in. Drive down Quarry rd and park at the foot of the Munro Lake Trail. This is just passed the big red gate that leads to the Opening Scene which is towards the top of the hill. There is a spot there for about 2 or 3 cars and the trail is on the left.

Once at the Munro Trail you'll be hiking up the hill for about 15 - 20 minutes before it starts to level off. The Munro trail heads off to the right but you're going to keep going straight until you come to Deiner Creek. Once there you'll be straight across from the exact spot Sherrif Teasle flips his car over in the river bed. The place where Rambo dumps the bike will be about 150 feet to your right up the creek. Please note the creek can be next to impossible to navigate when there are heavy rains or during the spring run-off. There is a small bridge that will be up on your right but that can be difficult as well depending on the conditions. 

This location looked just like it did in the movie when I found it. It's a service road that kept flooding so they filled it in with a large drain pipe about two years ago. This is on the north side of Quarry road right before the red gate that leads to the opening scene.

***Please note that this is on Private Property***

This location is at the start of Quarry road right before Minnekhada Park.

The farmhouse and barn in the background still stands to this day

Rambo and Teasle are seen driving up Kawkawa Lake Road in Hope

Teasle crashes through the gate, travels west on Quarry Rd and over the Deiner Creek Bridge. This is the entrance to the Opening Scene and was one of the scenes filmed on Eugen's property at the time. This entrance was open in the day and the gate in the film was put up for effect.

***This is private property beyond the gate***

Rambo looks back to the flipped police car in the river. The road you see in the back ground that Teasle slid down is now the trail to the famous Junkyard.  It's a lot more accessible now than the first time I found it a few years back but it can still have heavy growth in the spring and summer months.

The large rock where Rambo dumps his bike. This is about 150 feet up from the small bridge used to cross Deiner Creek. The movie crews built a large platform so Buddy Jo Hooker could take a running start at it. This is pretty incredible considering the actual location of the rock.

The large rock Brian Dennehy ( Teasle ) stands on while he's yelling up at Rambo is still there to this day. I was able to photo match it with a photo from a different angle and the movie.

These locations along with the Opening Scene, Junkyard, Waterfall and the Army Truck while its off road were all filmed on and around Burke Mountain in Port Coquitlam.  The locations are pretty desolate considering how close to Port Coquitlam they are and be very cautious of bears and any other wild life in the area.  Please do not travel alone if you can help it and if you have any questions or concerns about the area, contact me anytime.


 Motorbike Chase


The entire sequence from the point where Teasle dumps the Police car in the river right up to the point where Rambo dumps his bike were all filmed on Deiner Creek. You have to cross this to get to the  "The Junkyard and Waterfall". This is all a provincial park with beautiful hiking trails all through out so feel free to explore all you want. ***Directions are at the bottom of this page***

The field Rambo and Teasle land in is owned by the GVRD. This is private property but if you want to walk down and take a picture no one will mind. Please do not travel further in... 

The exact rock Sly jumps on from the large one he dumped his bike is still there to this day. Surprising considering how much the river has changed over the years.

The top picture where the cars are approaching was part of an old logging road which is now the trail that leads to the Junkyard and Waterfall. This logging road used to access the road with the large drain pipe and onto Quarry Rd back in the day but has long since filled in.

The picture below with Teasle walking back towards Mitch and Lester shows the view the police car would have had before it went down the side of the embankment.