Scott Hardy's


Steve Viau

Hans Zacharowski

The much sought after Steve Viau Sheath. Very few were made, are in high demand and one of the most beautiful to date . He made a few knives that never made it into circulation but you will find the odd extra sheath out there.

Andrew Clifford

Martin Knives

Farid Knives

Black Starr Knives

Vince Ford

Vaughn Neeley

Andy Wood 

Ray Matton

Tribute Knives and their Makers

The section below is a list of Knife Makers who have made their own version of the famous knife used in the movie. If you would like more information on the original survival knife made by Jimmy Lile there are amazing websites out there dedicated it.  Aidy Drayton at has all the information you need plus much more. 

*** Please note that some of these knives may no longer be available first hand ***

 This is  #5 of the of the 6 knives sent to Slyvester Stallone for the filming

Tribute Knives

Greg Wall