Scott Hardy's


Grand Master Stephen Chang at the Rambo Bridge Celebration in 2011

Rambo's Interrogation

The knife cutting scene was very difficult to film according to Grand Master Chang as they had a hard time making the cut look real as he dragged the bayonet across Sly's chest. In the end they wound up running a hose down his sleeve and behind the knife.  Someone then stood behind him and pumped the fake blood through as he slid it across Sly's chest.  He said he found it to be a very intense scene to film.

Here is the famous flashback scene where Grand Master Stephen Chang cuts Rambo's chest during an interrogation scene.  Grand Master Chang was so kind as to share some great stories of being on the set with Sly. The Chest cutting scene was filmed on  a school stage in North Vancouver in the Deep Cove area. The place where they dump the feces through the cage at the top was on a set in in an old building where BC Transit kept some of their buses at the time. This location is where Bridges Studio now stands to this day. The close up shots where Rambo is driving the army truck and the mine were also filmed there. Please see the Mine and Army Truck sections for more information on that.