This photo was taken when Coquihalla Canyon was converted to a provincial park in 1986 

*** The Only Known Picture of the Rambo Tree ***

This shot of the Posse in the Gorge is just off the path on your left after you walk through the first tunnel. Notice again that the crews went out of their way to hide the tunnels. Please use caution when walking along the large rocks to the river below.

This area of the river can be accessed at certain times of the year. Please be very careful when walking down from the main trail as the rocks are steep and can be very slippery during the rain.

The stuntman doubled his money for this shot after the helicopter blew the airbag away while they were hovering above it the first time. It was then realigned and anchored down.

***Comparing the two groups of pictures below should give you an idea where the tree used to be***

The access tunnel used during the construction of the Othello Tunnels was covered up prior to becoming a provincial park in 1986 but was present during the filming of First Blood. Herve Attia from "On the set of First Blood" was the genius behind finding this out and you can read more about it on his site. The tunnel was edited out in film and you can see how.

This shot was taken at the exit of the second tunnel on the right. The tree that Rambo falls into was washed away during a large flood in 1995. Sly was hurt during this shot breaking a couple of ribs when he did the last third of the fall. He wanted to do the last section of the fall to add realism so the audience could see his face on camera. When he struck the ground he was in real pain up to the point where he put himself up against the tree.

As you walk out of the first tunnel, which is the longest of the five, you'll be in the exact spot where Rambo makes his big jump. Buddy Jo Hooker was the stuntman who made this spectacular jump onto the airbag below.

As Rambo is clinging on for life, Sly is actually hanging from a false wall that was placed at the entrance to the third tunnel. Big thanks to "Super Fan" Herve Attia for this discovery

Rambo can be seen climbing down the cliff just prior to the helicopter arriving

*** This location is inaccessible and is for information only ***

In the movie Rambo can be seen climbing down the north face of the cliff wall where in fact this shot was taken on the east side where Sly had a large ledge to stand on which was only three feet down.  This is what they call Hollywood Magic!

*** This location is inaccessible and is for information only ***

This shot was taken from the location where Rambo was seen on the other side of the Canyon

***This location is inaccessible and is for information only***

This is a very interesting scene only because Rambo is now officially standing on top of the other side of Coquihalla Canyon. This can be confirmed by the location and direction of river below.

***This location is inaccessible and is for information only***

After walking through the first tunnel you will look up and see where the iconic scene of Rambo jumping of the cliff took place. When you look down to the riverbed on your left you'll see where Rambo was yelling up at the Police and then drawing them down to the Gorge. When you walk through the second tunnel ( which is very small ) you'll look to your right and see where Rambo fell into the tree. This scene along with the one where Galt is shooting at him and falling out of the helicopter were filmed at this location. The famous Rambo tree has been gone since the big flood in 1995

This is one of the most spectacular destinations on your First Blood tour and is worth the trip alone. The Othello tunnels were developed by CPR Engineer Andrew McCulloch for the Kettle Valley Railway and were constructed between 1911 and 1916. The tunnels served as a direct line to the interior of British Columbia until it was abandoned in 1959 due to a major wash out and finally decommissioned in 1961. It then became a provincial park in 1986 and has been a major tourist attraction since. Parking is free and is a scenic 10 to 15 minute walk to the start of the first tunnel.

Behind the scenes in the Gorge


Coquihalla Canyon / Chapman Gorge

A general Map of the area and the entrance to the first tunnel. The Coquihalla Canyon scenes were the first ones shot in October of 1981 and took approximately three weeks to complete.

Scott Hardy's

This is were the Posse would have stood as they looked down on Rambo. This looks down upon the first tunnel and is on the exact side stuntman Buddy Jo Hooker make the spectacular jump.

*** This area is inaccessible on is for information only ***