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Yes this is one of he original four trucks used in the movie (Serial number
 matches jump truck (IMS) International Movie Studio records)

  From what I've been able to research there were 4 'Rambo' trucks Two were
 rented from a local militia unit (15 Fd Arty), And two more were purchased
 from the logging company Macmillan Bloedel having acquired them in a
 surplus sale a decade or so prior to filming. (My truck) The vehicle which
 did the jump suffered only minor damage to it's front grill, gas tank and
 suspension. It was also the truck that side swiped the cop car and was set
 on fire at the end of the movie.

 3 trucks were given to Don Harris as partial payment after production. My
 truck that was burned in Hope BC and was the better of all four trucks. Don
 Harris wasn't thrilled about the director setting it on fire! It was
 actually still in pretty good shape after the fire, a front tire, interior
 and wiring were replaced. The jump truck was later sold to Deka Lake Fire
 Department after filming 1982 where it remained as there main water tanker
 for 20 years. Don Harris sold the other two stand-in trucks as scrap after
 filming. The where about's of the forth truck is unknown

  A genealogy of Rambo Truck  Serial # 113502446

 1953-1970 Canadian Military (Richmond BC)
 1970-1981 Truck was sold toMacmillan Bloedel (Vancouver Island) and painted
 red and used as a fuel and supply truck)
 1981-82 First Blood Movie (Repainted Green and front bumper reinforced with
 1982 Don Harris - Given to Don as partial payment for his work on the movie
 (Maple Ridge)
 1982-2002 Deka Lake Fire Department (Deka Lake) painted red again. and used
 as water tanker.  sold at auction 2002
 2002 Dan R (Deka Lake- Maple Ridge) $600
 2003 Dan J (MR) $800
 2004 Bill O (North Van) $1,000 added new cargo deck
 2005-08 Rice R (MR -Mission) Traded trailer compressor for truck. MIL-SPEC
 restored it back to Canadian military condition 53-52162
 2009 Ian F (CMEC Chilliwack Museum) $5,500.00
 2010-11 Les R (Chilliwack) $5,000.00
 2011- 2015 Curt F (Ruskin) $7,000.00
 2015- Chris S (Whonnock MR) restored back to Rambo First Blood condition

Army Truck